Course Designers
Dr Alistair MacKenzie's 9th Green


Lets take a walk through the mists of time. The year is 1891, the place is Church Street, Dewsbury. Gathered here a group of wealthy local mill owners discuss their shared vision to build a new and uniquely challenging golf course.

The land selected sits high on the eastern foothills of the Peninnes between Huddersfield and Dewsbury close to the thriving textile town of Mirfield. Land carved out of what, 1000 years ago would have been on the northern tip of The Great Forest of Sherwood. Land that affords magnificent panoramic views, a spectacular rise and fall in elevation and a haven of tranquility with nature abundant.

Who would be entrusted with the task?

Only the best for these pioneering men of Dewsbury. The legendary Old Tom Morris is commissioned to layout the course. The pioneers give him but one instruction.. " WE WANT THE REAL THING ".

Old Tom did not let them down and DDGC was born.

Through the years other famous names Ted Ray, Dr Alistair Mackenzie, Peter Alliss, Dave Thomas would all add their own unique signatures to create what we know today as DDGC. And so the mist clears. We are now the custodians of the flame.
What would those original pioneers expect of us ?


Club Professionals of Dewsbury District Golf Club