Beginner's Guide to Golf Etiquette
To help enjoy your game

Golf has many rules and traditions, as well as a certain etiquette that should be adhered to in order to prevent you from irritating other golfers. There is certainly nothing worse than an inconsiderate player who doesn’t pay attention to others around them, nor gives a thought for the course itself — which is why the rules are there.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of golfing rules to follow while you’re out on the course, in order to help you avoid the pitfalls that many beginners fall into.

Golfing dos:

  • Replace all divots you have created with your club.
  • Stand well out of the way of an opponent when they are taking their shot, so as not to distract them.
  • Give warning to other golfers of a wayward shot by shouting ‘Fore!’.
  • Allow the player who is furthest from the hole to play their shot first.
  • Allow a group of quicker players to go ahead of your group, so that you don’t continually hold them up.
  • Rake the sand after you have played a shot from a bunker.
  • When you remove the flag before putting, place the flag on the ground rather than throwing or dropping it (and replace it in the hole when you have finished putting).

Golfing don’ts:

  • Play unnecessarily slowly so as to hold up other players.
  • Idly chat while on the tee or green, it is very distracting.
  • Take too many practice swings on the tee.
  • Walk about the course when others are playing their shot.
  • Unnecessarily rush a group of golfers ahead of you (without due reason).
  • Wheel your golf trolley across the green or tee.
  • Wear heavy footwear that is going to damage the putting green.
  • Hit your ball when another group of players is within range.
  • Mark your scorecard on the green while another group is waiting behind you.
  • Spend more than three minutes looking for a lost ball.

Quick Tips
- An Extra Golf Tip -

Although learning the dos and don’ts is essential before you start playing golf, the best advice for when you’re starting out is to play with someone who knows the game well, and listen to what they tell you.

- Enjoy the Game -

By learning the above etiquette before playing golf for the first time, you will be able to avoid irritating other players — and therefore enjoy your game more.

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